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10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurants

Digital marketing has revolutionized the marketing landscape, specifically for restaurants. Even though your restaurant is more developed, you have to match current marketing trends to be able to remain competitive. Are you currently marketing your restaurant correctly? Are you currently marketing to the proper people. Listed below are 10 digital marketing strategies for restaurants.

1. Leverage SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media can be your restaurant’s ultimate weapon. People spend a large amount of time on social media marketing platforms every day. Below are a few easy methods to use social media to advertise your restaurant:

  • Create your restaurant’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts. They are the most trusted social media marketing platforms globally. Instagram marketing for restaurants could be highly beneficial.
  • Use vivid images on each account to arrest the eyes of customers. Post ‘drool-worthy’ pictures of dishes served at your restaurant. But don’t just adhere to these. Post pictures of one’s customers, staff, interiors, and much more. Maintains a wholesome variation of content types across all channels.
  • Videos could be engaging than images. Post recipe videos of top dishes, behind-the-scenes videos of one’s restaurant’s holiday decorations, or perhaps a two-minute DIY video of one’s bartender creating a cocktail.
  • Use calls-to-action (CTAs) in your posts to encourage engagement with the brand. Put an “Order now!” button that redirects visitors to your web ordering website, for instance.
  • Go live! Instagram and Facebook stories, live video streaming a meeting at your restaurant, or live-tweeting could be a fun way to boost your restaurant’s reach.

2. Optimize Text and E-MAIL MARKETING

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is among the most important methods for getting people to get back to your restaurant. The client data stored on your own restaurant POS system may be used for sending SMS and email promotions. Here are some tips:

  • Time it right. Who doesn’t like receiving, “20% off on your own next order,” before dinner? There’s an increased chance someone placing an order in the event that you send promotional discounts before meals.
  • Categorize your visitors into different groups like active, new, etc., and send relevant messages to each. This makes the CRM campaign more personal and less vague.
  • Utilize the right words. Content plays a crucial role in marketing. Make sure to convey your message in the initial 2-3 sentences. Customers have a tendency to weary otherwise.
  • ‘Buy One Get One Free’ on special occasions or festivals will attract customers. Be sure to send interesting messages during upcoming events.

3. Test Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers generate more business than needing to acquire new ones. Therefore, you should look after your existing customers. Reward existing customers with loyalty programs and provide incentives for return visits.

Restaurants that use loyalty programs and send SMS campaigns often visit a repeat customer rate of 80% and above (for online orders on own platforms). Here’s steps to make the best of one’s loyalty programs:

  • Offer customer points for every order they place that may be redeemed on subsequent orders.
  • Incentivize customers for referring your brand with their friends. Provide them with a referral bonus to attain more folks.
  • Provide BOGO offers as an incentive for those who share your brand’s page on the social media marketing handles. Encourage individuals to talk about feedback or pictures from their time at your restaurant.

4. Build YOUR WEB Presence

Expanding your brand’s online presence beyond the standard channels will help raise your restaurant business. Here’s how:

  • Alternative party food aggregators like Zomato and Swiggy provide limited space to showcase your brand. Present your restaurant nevertheless, you want, without the restrictions.
  • These sites may be used as an individual platform for running all promotional activities in your restaurant.
  • Use real images and great content that compel customers to order from your own restaurant.
  • Reflect menu changes on your own website aswell.

5. Claim Local Online Listings

To help expand authenticate your restaurant’s presence, register on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, etc. These have high traffic and can help you to get discovered when people seek out restaurants. Your restaurant reviews, ratings, and much more will appear browsing results. Companies like Diggity Marketing are skilled at optimizing SEO campaigns.

6. Consider Paid Marketing

Paid marketing lets you target a particular audience. Run digital ads on social media marketing and search platforms. Create visual ads that drive people back again to your website. This can be a great way to attain younger generation.

7. Develop a Restaurant Blog

Another solution to let people know what’s happening at your restaurant would be to have a blog. Your site should contain relevant headings, images, and content. Use your restaurant’s blog to:

  • Highlight new additions to your menu.
  • Reveal former or upcoming events.
  • Increase online visibility by authoring relevent topics.
  • Give your visitors a chance to connect to you as a means of commenting/sharing your blogs.

8. Optimize Food Bloggers and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Influencers

Sometimes you’re unable to catch everyone’s eyes. Social media marketing influencers alongside food bloggers and critics can serve this purpose well. Typically, they will have a massive following and can help market your brand their audience. It’s critical, though, to get the right type of influencers to accomplish influencer marketing the proper way.

9. Host Events

Organize events predicated on topical themes to attract customers. Organize Television show screenings, karaoke nights, stand-up comedy shows, poetry slams, and much more. Take part in food festivals along with other external events where you are able to showcase your brand.

10. Run Contests and Giveaways

People love free things. Give your visitors cool takeaways and tiny gifts if they arrived at your restaurant. This not merely makes them feel very special, but additionally encourages them share their experience and visit your restaurant again. Social media marketing contests tend to be well received, too.

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If done well, restaurant marketing can help your restaurant grow immensely. Hitting the proper channel at the proper time will allow you to get more customers. Optimize online channels effectively to obtain and keep more customers.

10 Digital Marketing Tips for Restaurants - Social Hospitality

Author Bio: Devyani is really a Content Marketer at LimeTray. She researches and writes about Restaurant Technology features and Management solutions.