Knocki – remote control on any SMART GADGET BLOG surface

Knocki – remote remote control on any surface

As in our homes with’is more and more «intelligent» devices growing need in a convenient way of managing all this diversity. You can control the work of gadgets using applications on a smartphone, voice commands or gestures.

Knocki Gadget is a small wireless device capable of converting any surface into a universal controller. It is worth fixing it, for example, on a wall or table, and turn on the light can be, tapping twice. And three taps can activate, say, coffee maker in the morning. Knocki recognizes up to 10 unique tapping patterns, while the creators emphasize that the gadget responds to vibration, not the sound itself, and distinguishes between random oscillations and deliberate knocking, so extraneous noise in his work will not affect.

If you are interested remote controls, we present to you the switch My Smart Home Wireless Switch – this is the main button of Xiaomi’s smart home control. With simple settings, you can configure the inclusion and exclusion of any gadgets included in the Mi line.

Knocki compatible with Philips Hue bulbs, Nest thermostats, WeMo and Samsung SmartThings gadgets, as well as applications such as Gmail and Spotify and any Wi-Fi enabled device.