Beautiful figure of Yennifer the kunoichi from The Witcher 3 was announced

Beautiful Yennifer-kunoichi figurine from The Witcher 3 announced

CD Projekt RED has revealed a new figurine from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is created in the image of Jennifair from Wengerberg in the guise of kunoichi (female ninja). Earlier, the Japanese outfit tried on Ciri, and now you can pre-order and Jennifair for $380 (28,280 rubles) in the CD Projekt RED store.

The figurine measures 17 inches (43 centimeters) tall and is made of polystone. The production of these figures is in China.

A beautiful Yennifer-kunoichi figurine from The Witcher 3 has been announced

Few can master the mastery of shadow, ninjutsu. Even to approach these skills one must have an almost impossible level of ability, inner strength and resilience.

With this 12-inch hand-painted figurine, we present Jennifair as a powerful kunoichi from medieval Japan.

Jennifair is always ready for battle, whether she’s a magic-wielding sorceress or a stealthy warrior of the night.